Reason No. 217 that John Kerry lost

This week, bloggers at ThePiton.com openly ridiculed the return appearance of Kelty backpacks and tents on CBS' "The Price is Right." Their argument? That reaching out to 7 million viewers per episode was only worthwhile if you were targeting "Red State housewives." Classy.

If you think the condescension seems familiar, that's because it is ... it's the same mindset that openly ridiculed Gov. Howard Dean for wanting to bridge the gap to conservative but poor white voters in those very same Red States, the same mindset that sneers at 75 million NASCAR fans, that laughs behind the backs of 30 million RV drivers, that mocks the spinning reels of 34 million bass fishermen, and that refuses to reach out to anyone outside the walls of a very small and dwindling club of outdoor wonks.

Sure ... some of us thrive on wild trout and backcountry powder, but to ridicule those who don't isn't just bad manners, it's bad politics. And the last time I checked, every vote was worth fighting for.

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