Top 10 reasons to take a dog into the backcountry

1. They honestly enjoy the stench of rancid long underwear.
2. Fantasizing about an untrained dog’s avalanche instincts is far more enjoyable than freaking out about depth hoar.
3. Somebody has to eat the Power Bars.
4. Need to crash a safety meeting? Bring a dog.
5. They’re the only ones left on the planet who could give a rat’s ass about soft shells.
6. Proximity to unbridled excitement makes you look cooler than you really are
7. You’re guaranteed to not go home alone from the après-offpiste bar.
8. If you’re spastic enough to face plant in the middle of an untracked bowl, you deserve a good wet punch kiss in the face.
9. Because cats make shitty ski partners.
10. Hell knows no fury like a backcountry dog left home alone.

-- Currently in the November Issue of Couloir Magazine.

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