Is that gas tank half empty ... or half full?

Salomon made a splash in the ski market this week by announcing that their nationally touring demo (the "Oasis Projct") would be going green .... sort of.

According to their press release, Salomon is purchasing "Green Tags" from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to produce an equivalent amount of wind energy so the tour "nets out as pollution-free."

If it sounds familiar ... it is. The concept of "carbon credits" or "carbon trading" is a cornerstone of the Kyoto Protocol, which also kicks in this month.

Supporters (and there are many) like carbon trading for obvious reasons. Namely, that it's a long-overdue start.

But critics dislike the concept because even in the best case scenario, it only attains "carbon neutrality" and is potentially serving up a license to pollute.

A good Friday batch of food for thought...

LINK: Going green with Salomon

LINK: Carbon trading

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