Gentlemen, Start Your Checkbooks

During all the flurry of bizness and competition and martinis and fashionable gardening footwear at the upcoming OR show, it's easy to lose focus on why we came to the outdoor industry in the first place.

However ... the Conservation Alliance Membership Meeting will remind you.

When: Saturday, August 13, 8-9 AM
Where: The Marriott, Salon F
Guest Speaker: Michael Fay, National Geographic Conservationist

The Conservation Alliance is excited to announce that Michael Fay, National Geographic conservationist-in-residence, will be the guest speaker at our August Membership Meeting. Fay is an ecologist and adventurer famous for completing a "megatransect" of large swaths of equatorial Africa. His 2,000-mile walking expedition documented one of the last pristine places on Earth.

With a team of Africans, Fay trekked for 15 months through the heart of Africa's jungle documenting habitat for gorillas, chimpanzees and forest Elephants. As a result of Fay's efforts, the president of Gabon agreed to protect 10 percent of his country for a system 13 national parks. Fay will recount his experiences in Africa, and discuss the important role that economics plays in protecting wild places worldwide.

As always, the Conservation Alliance Membership Meeting is open to the public, so bring a friend! (Note: we have moved this meeting from our usual time slot on Day 2 to the morning of Day 3 of the show.)

LINK: The Conservation Alliance

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