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TELLURIDE, COLORADO (June 13, 2005) – On the morning before the first-ever, first-annual Horny Toad mountain unicycle hockey game and ice cream social, Horny Toad marketing director Tami Snow distributed more than 300 commemorative hockey pucks, placing them in restaurants, on park benches, and on the nearby gondola.

“It was a lot of hockey pucks to haul around. But people were really psyched, and every single of them was snatched up,” said Snow. “I did get a couple funny looks, but they still took the pucks.”

Hosted in conjunction with the annual Mountainfilm in Telluride celebration, the afternoon event included a stunt performance utilizing the terrain of a custom-painted “antique” Buick; a Main Street mountain unicycle hockey game; more than 12 gallons of coffee Heath bar ice cream and lemon sorbet; and the presence of Kris Holm, the world’s best known mountain unicyclist and a founding member of Team Toad.

Team Toad is an eclectic group of artistic and athletic ambassadors, happily supported by Horny Toad as a way to inspire others to lead more active and creative lives. In addition to Holm, the team includes independent recording artist Chris Pierce, free-heel skier B.J. Brewer, back-of-the-pack marathoner Grace Lim, and the visual artists at Merge.
LINK: Team Toad

Mountainfilm in Telluride is an annual blend of art and film to celebrate landscapes, cultures and the honed mastery of adrenaline. It’s hosted in Telluride, the town where the Horny Toad was born, but travels around the country throughout the rest of the year.
LINK: MountainFilm

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