Stranded, Part I

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While I understand the conditions that led to the cancellation of flight 395 (the captain had exceeded his allowable shift time), the response of US Airways to the needs of its passengers was absolutely unacceptable.

We were instructed to go to a "special" Service Desk for rebooking. But no US Airways personnel were provided. Most likely, they didn't want to be the ones to deliver the bad news.

(Some other US Airways personnel finally arrived, and) told us that no hotel rooms were available in the area because of a local convention, and no seats on any flights were available until at least two days later. They told us no special agents were going to be provided to help this large group of customers with their unique situation, and that we should all fend for ourselves and try to find a sympathetic ticket agent by calling the US Airways 1-800 number.

Strangely enough, there were quite a few hotel rooms in the area (I found one, quite easily.) While no attempt was made to provide food vouchers, room vouchers, rebooking assistance or any other level of competent service, i would like to send you the receipt for my overnight stay and have US Airways pay for it.

I'd also to request that US Airways reimburse me for the clean clothes and overnight items i purchased during my unexpected and unwanted stay in the beautiful Philadephia area.

The response of US Airways to the needs of its stranded passengers while in the terminal not only extremely poor and pathetically unprofessional, it was simply unacceptable. Please contact me at your earliest opportunity and let me know where to send my expenses.

In case you lose this note, you can find it at http://wickedoutdoorsy.blogspot.com.


Drew Simmons

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