Get noticed … or get your money back

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It looked good on the drawing board. It looked good in the factory. It looked good on the rack. And now it looks good on paper.

Get noticed, or get your money back

Horny Toad is so confident in the fit, style and fabrics of their 2006 men’s collection, that they’re backing it with a special guarantee. Wear any new Horny Toad men’s piece three times – and if you don’t get a word of praise for your stylish new gear, we’ll give you a full refund.

“As we all know, sometimes men have trouble making a commitment. Even to a new shirt,” said Gordon Seabury, Horny Toad president. “Our goal with the Wear It and See Guarantee© is to give guys that extra push to help them over the hump.”

Designed to boost confidence and sales among the occasionally uncertain male shopping population, the Wear It and See Guarantee© applies to current season fall 2006 men’s product purchased from authorized Horny Toad dealers who follow a few, easy, no-math-required steps.

Merely place an order for fall 2006 men’s product form Horny Toad (okay, I admit, there’s a little math), and post the Wear It and See Guarantee© next to your men’s Horny Toad product, as well as at the register.

If and when any Horny Toad men’s product is returned under the program, Horny Toad will happily issue an RA at your wholesale cost.

If you’re not fully convinced of the simplicity of the new Wear It and See Guarantee©, ask your Toad rep or Toad customer satisfaction team for more details – but, honestly, there aren’t any more. It’s really that simple. And the new men’s gear really looks that good.

Looking good, Billy Ray!

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