What a gigantic load of crap

Our distinguished Sentate just voted to keep the oil drilling plan for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the budget. What a bunch of pork-happy hacks.

Here's what they say:

"This vote today sends a signal to OPEC and the rest of the world that America is serious about meeting more of its own energy needs. America will not let our consumers or our economy be held hostage to runaway global oil prices" (Pete Domenici, R- New Mexico, and chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee)

Here's what I say:

"This (pathetically obvious embedded hunk of pork) today sends a signal to OPEC and (other oil producing conglomerates) that (both Democrats and Republicans) are serious about (drilling the shit out of pristine areas so we can have more oil to sell to China). (American politicians) will not let our (current major donors) or (future major donors) (face any restrictions on drilling anywhere, anytime, and by anybody)"

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