The face of great PR

great PR
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Just 'cause Austria won 14 alpine ski medals and Bode scuttled all future endorsement contracts ... Don't be disappointed with the men's US Ski Team's performance in Torino.

Instead, you should be impressed. Their PR performance was truly awesome.

The flak machine (thanks, Nike) nailed down feature placements in the NY Times, 60 Minutes, Outside and just about everybody else.

Unfortunately, when you've got great PR and the "product" fails to meet expectations, the media understandably gets a little chapped.

It's fair to say that the current rage of Bode-Bashing could be blamed on the fact that the media feels they got duped by a PR effort that overstated the truth, and created unrealistic expectations for an ageing, pressure-averse batch of slightly-above-average ski racers.

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