Like a cat with its head in a fan

A few days out from the annual OR hoedown, and the head-scratching begins.

Who were the winners? Who were the losers?

Who was making noise for the sake of making noise? Who was that one person that I'm bummed i didn't hook up with?

Why do i feel like a cat with its head in a fan?

At every level of the OR show, there's one thing that people want to see ... progression. Not just innovation or new fabrics or new styles, but a forward evolution.

It's the litmus test for suppliers, for retailers, for sponsored athletes, for magazines and websites, and even for PR firms.

Without progression, you've become a commodity. And once a commodity, the race to the bottom is hard to stop.

With progression, you're a fresh brand to every business partner and friend you meet. You've got a cool story that continues to parallel or even rise ahead of industry trends.

Best of all, you can take your cat's head away from the fan now.

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