Addicted to oil

A shared love for oil
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There is no doubting our shared love for the outdoor magazine ... we buy their dinners, we fly their writers to Jackson Hole for three or four press events in a row every spring, we send them goodies after goodies after goodies ...

But do we really love them?

I mean, do we love them enough to care for their long-term existence? Enough to pay their salaries and keep their kids in competive pre-K daycare?

Enough to pay for the ink and the paper that our target consumers are swallowing as gospel, word after word?

Enough to (cough, cough) buy an ad?

Believe it or not ... this isn't a shill for ad reps everywhere ... it's a reality check on marketplace sustainability.

With a quick full-page ad count in a couple favorite outdoorsy rags this month, the percentage of messaging devoted to hawking autombiles ranged from a noteworthy 25% to a whopping 60%.

Looking into the crystal ball, what if our global oil "problems" trickle down to our tiny little outdoor industry. What will happen to the racks of outdoor bibles when a quarter to a half of their ad revenue takes a well-aimed knee to the gonads?

Will we be there to bail them out?

Or will we just be buying the drinks and helping them find new jobs at the Alpinist's new four-season mag?

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