Obama takes a swing

Sen. Barack Obama (D- Ill.) took a sharp swing at the administration this week, directly critizing the "Addicted to Oil" rhetoric used in the most recent State of the Union address. He also ... coincidentally?... snuck in a left hook on the president's past foibles.

"Saying that America is addicted to oil without following a real plan for energy independence is like admitting alcoholism and then skipping out on the 12-step program," said Obama.


Rubbing it in a bit further, Obama threw in a few solution-driven ideas of his own, just to show that it can be done.

In one of Obama's bills, introduced in Congress, he dangles the promise of federal aid to the auto industry for investment in fuel-efficient cars. The only strings? The aid would be used for a portion of the costs automakers pay for retiree health care, so long as companies use the savings to retool and refocus on the challenges at hand.

Good stuff.


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