Top Ten Lies told at Outdoor Retailer

Lie Detector
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10. I’ve got a reservation for 10 at Mikado. (= It’s a tea room for six, but I’d cut my arm off with a pocket knife to have your name on my expense account.)

9. I’ve got reservation for 4 at Mikado (= Have you tried the Mexican place at the Shilo? Maybe you should.)

8. It's always great to see other companies in the industry doing well. (Who died and left those guys a marketing budget?)

7. We’re totally covered in the PR department ( = I have no idea what PR means.)

6. I’m totally booked today (= I’m going to be napping from 2 to 4 pm)

5. The marketing director? She was just here a few minutes ago. (= I’m the marketing director).

4. Can you leave your card? I’ll pass it on. (= Your name will never be mentioned again.)

3. I slept fantastic last night. (= The last thing I remember was being in a room with CD and Metcalf at 3 am).

2. It’s a prototype. (=It worked yesterday.)

1. I love this show. (=God my feet hurt).

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