25 years and going strong

Looking back, it seems a shame that we're not celelbrating all the other top anniversaries heading into the big 25 for OR, like ...

* the 20th anniversary of zero recycling!
* the 18th anniversary of the original show uniform: stand-up shorts, strap sandals, and a button up with a Sharpie stain in the front pocket!
* the 15th anniversary of fortified smoothies!
* the 10th anniversary of sitting on nasty carpet to eat a show burrito with the worlds weakest forks!
* the 8th anniversary of an F5 tornado that finally got Sulli to stop talking about soft shells.
* the 5th anniversary of the extreme gardening shoe revolution!
* the 3rd anniversary of the "i'm so green, you look blue" movement!
* the 2nd anniverary of Brian Bennett's second marriage to blogging!

I'm sure there's more ... send 'em my way!

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