Busted ! And a few more

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You name it .... blogger, pr guy, freelance writer ... we're all taken to task in this one. Did Bing forget a few?

6. Publisher of the Drake: When in hell does that magazine come out, really?
5. PR guy for Arc Teryx: Please, will somebody tell the NY Times to quit calling? They're interrupting my magnet therapy.
4. Communications Manager for Aspen/Snowmass: Trying to convice the beautiful people to come hang out with other beautiful people in a beautiful place can be so tiring.
3. Contributing Editor for Powder: So Cal was icky. I had to move to Telluride.
2. Editorial director of Ski Press World: Have I told you about my dog today?
1. Owner of Pale Morning Media: Let's see.... I think SPF30 will be just right.


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