Idaho delivers the next James Watt

"A true conservationist with a track record to prove it," said President George Bush of Dirk Kempthorne, our new Secretary of the Interior.

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On the right, the record is all about not screwing up Idaho hunting and fishing grounds ... according to the Outdoor Wire, as Governor "he managed Idaho's 30 state parks and recreational trails. He proved himself to be an outstanding steward of his state's open spaces. He launched a statewide initiative to fund improvements in the state's parks and public spaces. He created the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality. He established the Governor's Office of Species Conservation."

LINK: The Outdoor Wire

From the left, the picture is more about anti-environmentalism ... According to Slate, "during six years in the Senate in the 1990s, Kempthorne scored a "0" on the League of Conservation Voters' legislative scorecards every year except 1993, when Kempthorne scored 6 percent on the basis of one little-remembered vote against funding a rocket booster for the space program that environmentalists judged harmful to the environment.:

Also ... "Knight Ridder's Seth Borenstein reported June 23 that in the two years after Kempthorne became governor of Idaho, the state increased toxic emissions by 2 percent—this during a period when the national average declined by 9 percent. The chief of staff for Idaho's Department of Environmental Quality told Borenstein that environmental inspections were at "a bare-bones minimum" aimed only at staying in compliance with a state court order. Kempthorne did battle with EPA Administrator Christie Whitman over an Idaho Superfund cleanup, at one point threatening to evict EPA officials from the state."

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