Mother Angelina & Africa

Want to be surprised? No ... really surprised.

Check out the results of the Humanitarian Youth Culture Study (Label Networks) and match them to the Boomer-dominated advocacy agenda currently embraced by the Outdoor Industry. There's some overlap, for sure, but in general you've got to see these as refreshingly eye-opening results.

Name the greatest environmental or humanitarian hero:
** 16.6% Bono;
** 7.8% Gandhi;
** 6.5% Angelina Jolie;
** 5.8% Mother Theresa + David Suzuki;
** 4.4% Al Gore + Captain Planet

Would you be more willing to buy a specific brand if you knew that the brand donated a percentage of profits to non-profit organizations?
** 64.5% Yes
** 30.9% Maybe

Who do you think can make a bigger difference in the world?
** 77.2% Corporations;
** 22.7% Politicians

Generally, are you worried about the state of the environment?
** 49.2% Somewhat worried about the environment;
** 43.5% Very Worried

What concerns you the most about the environment?
** 34.2% Gas Alternatives;
** 31.6% Global Warming;
** 10.1% Cleaner Cities;
** 8.8% Cleaner Oceans + Rivers

What best describes how you feel about the United States in terms of the environment?
** 43.7% Our government is messing up with the environment + our future;
** 40.1% We should do more to save our environment;
** 4.6% I don’t really care

When it comes to humanitarian problems, what concerns you the most?
** 22.3% Poverty;
** 15.9% War;
** 14.2% AIDS;
** 13.2% Lack of Education;
** 10.5% Teen Suicide

Do you think about Poverty in America or other parts of the world?
** 42.2% Yes, I think about it;
** 30.7% Yes I think about it sometimes;
** 24.1% Yes I think about it all the time and I want to do something about it

Which country or continent do you think needs the most assistance in terms of humanitarian help?
** 76.8% Africa

Which best describes your perception of Africa’s problems?
** 26.6% We need to fight the AIDS crisis there;
** 24.9% If we help Africa, then we are helping all of us in the end;
** 18.1% We need to educate more people;
** 17% We need to stop poverty

If you could spend your time volunteering, which project would you like to work on the most?
** 13.2% Youth Suicide;
** 13.1% Big brother/Big sister;
** 12.1% Animal Rights

LINK: The Humanitarian Youth Culture Study by Label Networks

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