Now Accepting Nominations for SLACKER OF THE YEAR

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- Pale Morning Media LLC is now accepting nominations for the first annual "Slacker of the Year" awards.

The first annual e-award competition will reward the winner with virtual online fame and a traveling trophy to be awarded at the upcoming Outdoor Retailer show.

Candidates may come from any related field in the Outdoor Industry media sphere -- including public relations professionals, consumer staff writers, trade writers, freelance writers, in-house media managers, sponsored athletes, and other categories we haven't thought of yet.

Candidates must be true "Generation X" members in all senses of the word ... born between 1961-1981, and exhibiting as many of Wikipedia's slackerly characteristics as possible:

"(Slacker applies) generally to young people who, wary of the materialistic, success-driven values of their society, reject those values by intentionally underachieving at school, work or both. Slacker culture challenges prevalent capitalistic values, specifically the Protestant work ethic."

Send all nominations to drew@madriver.com.

And please ... for the love of all things slackerly ... no Boomers.

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