Once upon a skier

once upon a skier
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Johnny Mosely will host ABC's "Master of Champions" show, earning him an honorary nomination to Slacker of the Year.

Keep those nominees rolling in, and quit getting distracted by all the love going to the Millenials ... like the OIA's kickoff speaker for OR, author of the clearly anti-Slacker "Millenials Rising." Check out this anti-Slacker blurb from his webpage:.

"... in Millennials Rising, the authors show how today's teens are recasting the image of youth from downbeat and alienated (i.e, SLACKERS) to upbeat and engaged. The authors also show... how Millennials are held to higher standards than adults apply to themselves (i.e. SLACKERS) … how they're a lot less violent, vulgar, and sexually charged than the teen culture older people (i.e, SLACKERS) are producing for them … how, over the next decade, they’ll entirely recast what it means to be young (i.e. unlike the SLACKERS) … and how, in time, they could emerge as the next great generation (ie, clearly not like the SLACKERS).

I'd write more, but Breakfast with Wimbledon is on.

Slacker out.

LINK: Johnny used to ski
LINK: Your OIA Industry Breakfast Speaker, author of "Millenials Rising"

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