Pale Morning Media installs used air conditioner

work is the pits
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Waitsfield, VT (June 1, 2006) – After finding a sweat-drenched employee working in Kona bike shorts and nothing else, Pale Morning Media founder Drew Simmons decided it was time to install a used air conditioner in the second-floor barn office.

“It was a decision that came from the gut. I'm a gut guy. I felt it in my gut. My gut told me this was clearly a time for action,” said Simmons, who remained fully clothed during the entire installation process, which took about 10 minutes.

Currently, the Pale Morning Media office -- located in the second floor of a country barn -- is cool, dry, and pleasant. Give us a call at 802.583.6069 and we'll tell you all about it.

Pale Morning Media is a public relations, product publicity, and brand communications firm based in Vermont’s Mad River Valley. People say the weather sucks in New England, but for the most part it’s remarkably beautiful. You get used to the bugs too.

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