This is for a good cause, right?

... "you have been assigned to the Lifestyle set, which features the song Miss New Booty (if it sounds foreign to you, don’t worry, we’ll listen to it, and I’m sure you will recognize it!) ... "

Welcome to preparations for the OIWC "Ramp It Up" drag show.

The good news is that i will not be wearing a miniskirt. the bad news is that the other 11 guys on stage will be wearing them.

In case you're looking to make some pre-show jabs, here's the list of the Miss New Booty crew.

Darn Tough ... Roland Beliveau
Kelty ... Drew Simmons
Mission Playground... Andy Burke
Horny Toad ... Gordon Seabury
Earth Games... Larry Harrison
Rutabega... Jeff Weidman
Mission Playground ... Mark McMahon
Sierra Magazine ... Eric Lange
Mountain Khakis ... Noah Robertson
Earth Creations ... Martin Ledvina
Cascade Designs ... John Burroughs
Fox River ... Jeff Lessard

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