The last ten locations at ORSM where Timmy O’Neill was NOT an emcee.

10. Metzler’s valet-parking-zone changing room. You look great in black, dude.
9. The “Saudis Love Hummers” fundraiser.
8. My Friday morning USA Today “research session.”
7. The Olive Garden’s Hospitaliano! all you can eat pasta bar
6. The Smith Limo.
5. Little America. David Beckham. Enough said.
4. Kenji’s after-hours open-mike nite.
3. The Crocs booth.
2. Two words: Burrito bathrooms.
1. The “what was I thinking?” dinner following the Ramp it Up drag show.

Congratulations once again to the OIWC. By successfully convincing 70+ men to commit career suicide, you have fulfilled your goal of creating more opportunities for women in the outdoor industry.

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