The 3 Best Jobs that Men's Journal Forgot

Beginning salary: $100,000-$200,000
After 10 years: Ask your Fidelity advisor.
Description: What better way to keep fit, stay in touch with the core outdoor experience, and get lots of ladies than to be the resident rich guy in a mountain town. You get to drive whatever you like (recommendation: vintage Toyota Landcruiser), you get to dabble in the creative arts (photography, drift boat rowing, wine consumption), and there’s absolutely no downside
Prereqs: You’ve got to earn your cash the old fashioned way … by inheriting it.

Beginning salary: $6/hour
After 10 years: $6.35/hour
Description: To stay happy and close to your passion, there are few better ways than to load up a three-foot tube with ice cubes, scope, and a little KGB on a daily basis. You’ll ski 100+ days a year, ride 100+days a year, and learn all that you ever wanted to know about dishwashing.
Prereqs: No high school diploma is nice, but ideally you’d have a Bachelor of Arts (no specialty) from Western State or St. Lawrence.

Beginning salary: $20,000-$30,000
After 10 years: ????
Description: Is there a better job in the outdoor world than being Ben Hewitt? In the morning, he’s a truck-driving, cow-milking, pig-raising, gen-u-ine certified Vermont redneck, with all the benefits that apply. But by the afternoon, he’s plugged into his DSL line and become one with the outdoor celebrity universe. Want to cover the Tour De France … be Ben. Want to zip out to LA to interview Jay Leno … be Ben. Want to stay home and hang with the kids … Be Ben. (Note ** If this job is filled, you may want to consider several other people to become, such as Mark Anders, Steve Casimiro, or Tom Bie.)

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