Ode to JFK

How do I love thee, JFK?  Let me count the ways ...

... for my outgoing flight, which sitteth on the tarmac for nigh under 75 minutes.    thank thee for letting me wave to my connection as it taketh off.

... for rerouting me from the knaves of Delta to thine simpler cousin, America West, and allowing me to enjoy the pleasures of elevated train travel.

... for questing me to thine cousin without the kingdom’s true mark on my parchment, and allowing me to enjoy the pleasures of elevated train travel once again.

... for my incoming flight, which toured the Island of Long for many minutes instead of landing on schedule, helping me learn the ways of the many storage units and office parks that grow fruitfully and multiply in thine meadows.

... for staffing thine terminal gates with fair ladies of Herculean heiniousness, who set Olympian heights for raising the sadness and consternation of many, many travelers.

... for ensuring that the one flight that left on time from thine shelters was the one I was supposed to be on, and allowing me to engage thine bitchy ladies once again.

... for closing thine elevated train ... thou I doth love it ... because of a bomb threat.   oh, happy day.

... for knowing that I love standing with my fellow men in lines so very much, and treating me to a 90 minute taxi wait with my fellows.    thank thee.

... for building such grand and noble lodgings at the kingdom of Airport Ramada, and treating me to victuals and beddings previously known only by the knights of the Island of Rykers.

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