Safe, boxy ... and LAME

"Who would you give a Volvo to?"
= "We know people will think this is a chance to win a free car, and will visit our website."

"This is our way of inspiring you to think of the people you care about"
= "This is our PR firm's way of increasing web traffic"

"This isn't a contest."
= "This is actually quite lame, and we know it."

"It's your chance to tell us-- in your own words, videos and photos -- about the people you want to help protect by putting them in one of the safest cars on the planet."
= "The guy that came up with this idea has already been fired, and rehired by Ford."

"So please, tell us your story."
= "So please, don't close your browser yet. The longer you stay, the longer we'll keep our marketing firm on retainer."

= "It's a spin on What Would Jesus Do, which was co-opted by What Would Jesus Drive, which is so very 1998, but it's the best we could do."


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