Blogging, Inc.

With the eagerly awaited debut of Nau's blog, The Thought Kitchen and the upcoming debut of Patagonia's new blog "The Cleanest Line" (rumored launch of December 4), it's clear that two of the most inflluential eco-lifestyle brands of the last gazillion years see blogs as hugely important to their future marketing strategy.

Consider also that Backcountry.com -- arguably the most influential outdoor retailer in Internetland -- has devoted a full-time staffer to their own blog at The Goat, (the clearly underpaid and soon-to-be-famous Rocky Thompson); that the Huffington Post has announced that they will do their own reporting on the 2008 presidential campaign; and that even my father-in-law, a man who i personally introduced to an ATM machine, now knows what blogs are, and you start to realize that blogging isn't just the domain of cranky curmudgeons and long-tentacled PR firms.