eXercising with Xbox

That giant hissing sound you hear is the air coming out the outdoor industry's anti-obesity strategy.

As painful as watching a teenager mix Red Bull with perfectly good vodka, the ironic growth of virtual athletics almost directly parallels the OI's soft targeting of the “obesity epidemic.” In so many words, the harder the OI attempts to rally around making fat people thinner through nordic walking, the easier it seems to be for e-companies to capture the hearts and souls of the inactive generation.

One reason might be the sensation of pandering that targeting fat folks feels like. It's so clearly a sales strategy, rather than an advocacy strategy, you know? The conversation has yet to touch on the challenge of how to really move the needle and increase the average American’s fitness level. Instead, it hovers around the base goals of selling more product. And for a niche driven sports market like ours, that’s simply not good enough.

NPR : California Gym for Teens Mixes Exercise with Xbox

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