Toasting Doug

Jackson Hole will name a premium line off the Headwall after Doug Coombs, honoring his memory in a way that just seems fitting.

What's interesting is that the chosen run ... and please correct me if i'm wrong ... is near the area (if not the exact area) where Doug had his legendary showdown with one of the Jackson Hole Ski Patrol back in the early 1990s. As I recall, Doug ducked the rope on the skier's left edge of the Cirque to access the area, and the infamous "Dr. No" was waiting there for him and revoked his season pass privileges.

It was an unfortunate moment for JHMR, as they found themselves obligated to stand by one of their employees who was just doing his job, against a skier who was almost singlehandedly elevating the status of Jackson Hole skiing to world-class calibre. However, the incident also elevated the conversation about the legitimacy of lift-access backcountry. It caught the attention of newspapers and magazines. It dominated the conversation in the Jackson Hole community. And it proved, once again, that Doug Coombs was a trailblazer.

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