Chasing 27 ... Bode wins again

Bode wins the Super G at Hinterstoder, taking the World Cup lead and inching closer to the proverbial record books. The victory moves him to 24 career wins on the circuit ... not that anybody's counting of course.

Chasing 27
Phil Mahre career World Cup wins: 27
Maier/Stenmark single season World Cup wins: 13
Bode's current career World Cup wins: 24
Bode's World Cup wins this year: 3

Bode's wins this year
Dec. 1 Downhill @ Beaver Creek, Colorado
Dec. 15 Super G @ Groden, Italy
Dec. 20 Super G @ Hinterstoder, Austri

Where Bode will be next
Dec. 21 Giant Slalom @ Hinterstoder, Austria
Dec. 29 Downhill @ Bormio, Italy
Jan. 6 Giant Slalom @ Adelboden, Switzerland
Jan. 7 Slalom @ Adelboden, Switzerland

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