How to make your man happy: Gift guide idea #247

I love these pants. If I was stranded on a desert island (ok ... a really cold desert island that hasn't heard about global warming), i would wear these pants every day.

Horny Toad calls them the Hangover. They're made out of something called "fleece" that's apparently really really warm and really really cozy. I think it's very new and may have been used in livestock experiments conducted in outer space . I'm not entirely sure.

The Hangover is cut like a pair of loose jeans, so you can wear them on a date or to a volunteer EMT meeting for about a half hour before somebody notices that you're not wearing pleated front khakis from Banana Dorkpublic.

And what does it cost to make your man happy this Xmas? A low, low $74. That's way cheaper than a ego-crushing sweater, and leaves some extra coin left over for your own personal needs.

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