Mea culpa

On Tuesday, Dec. 13, I read on Gawker.com that one of the outdoor industry's leading brands had a pair of ads censored by Entertainment Weekly. The ads were creative, agressive and attention getting, and prompted numerous reactionary postings by Gawker's regular readers. One of those postings was a mocked up version of one of the censored ads that exaggerated the original concept to a ridiculous level.

At the time, I was struck and impressed by the fact that this member of the occasionally low-tech outdoor community had the wherewithal and the courage to go "viral" with their marketing. Eager to help the momentum of this viral marketing campaign, I posted the original censored ads as well as the reader-posted mock ad.

Unfortunately, the mock ad got picked up by RSS feeds ... distributing it to reader programs without context ... and i found myself in the unwanted position of potentially hurting a brand i was sincerely hoping to help.

Even though I had nothing to do with the creation of the mock ad, I still regret my decision to post it.

Making people squirm has never been the point of Wicked Outdoorsy. Rather, it has been an effort to learn the ropes of Web 2.0 by being a part of it, and along the way trying to provoke some thought and an occasional smile.

My sincere apologies,

Drew Simmons

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