Open season for 'The Goods'

RSN is going to do another round of filming at the 2007 SIA show. This is the one that's filmed at the show, edited that night, then broadcast to all the rooms in Mandalay Bay, the Luxor, and whatever that cheap hotel is where Hixson always stays.

According to Maggie "Double Down" Piveronas: "It's shot at SIA, airs in a daily format there & then becomes a one-hour gear preview show that airs across RSN for about 6 months. Additionally 16,000 dvds are sent to all SIA members as part of the program. It's so inexpensive and reaches millions across the retailer, industry & consumer audiences. It really is a sweet deal."

This one's a paid placement folks. But it's limited space. Email mpiveronas@rsn.com with your questions.


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