Organic is the new black, take 2

For organic lovers ... last week's Economist will definitely live in infamy. Check this blurb out from "Good Food?"

"There are good reasons to doubt the claims made about three of the most popular varieties of “ethical” food: organic food, Fairtrade food and local food (see article). People who want to make the world a better place cannot do so by shifting their shopping habits: transforming the planet requires duller disciplines, like politics."

The jist of the article is that farming, by nature, is a brutally inefficient use of land. And that organic farming, while being lighter on the DDT, is way worse in terms of the amount of land required to get the job done.

Not to say that organic is bad or unworthy in any way ... but, rather, that the job ahead of us is far more involved than merely whipping out the credit card and shopping our way to a greener planet.

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