Bags for Shwag

When our friends at Horny Toad rolled out their tote-bag giveaway concept for ORWM, the official position was that it would "light a spark with retailers," encouraging them to replace their current disposable paper bag program with reusable totes of their own.

But let's face it, it's also a chance to sidestep the incredibly lame paper bags that everybody snags at the magazine bins. By the time your caffeine buzz disintegrates, the dead-tree bags have too.

Paper is by far the largest portion of waste in America today, filling up more than 34 percent of landfills nationwide, according to the EPA, and I'd be willing to bet a pair of dinged up old Atomic Skis that paper is an even larger chunk of waste at the Outdoor Retailer shows.

Just check out the "land of abandoned press kits" in the show media room on Day Four if you don't believe me.

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