A metaphor who’s time has come

Maybe it was Powder Whore. Maybe it was Powgasm. Or maybe it was the oh-so-creatively named Ski Porn

But it was definitely the 46,000 search results that came back on Google for it.

Ok. We get it. Ski movies are like porn movies.

Is it because they really only need to be about three minutes long? Or because they’re the most fun to watch when you’re 14? Or because their true benefit is the creation of some serious pent-up demand? Or because of the face shots?

Whatever the reason, it's spreading (we’ve now got "bike porn" at 35,500 Google results and even "fish porn" at 13,000). And now, it's time to do what it takes, concentrate on the task at hand, and pound away until we can bring this whole thing to an appropriate conclusion.

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