New Year's Regret-o-lutions

10. Didn't buy a season pass at Mt. Baker.

9. Didn't invent a snap on accessory for Crocs, then sell it for $10 million.

8. Didn't buy a big trailer park in Ogden, Utah, and convert it into a skate park-tatoo parlor selling Red Bull & Stoli.

7. Didn't drive my Hummer to summer OR.

6. Didn't buy tickets for the sold out Jazz-Nuggets game on Friday night of ORWM. (Got four? Email me)

5. Didn't remember to enter the X Games in time, and missed my chance to pull the first double back flip in fmx history.

4. Didn't alert the media for my first all-nude ascent of the previously unclimbed Delicate Arch.

3. Didn't buy stock in Timmy O'Neill.

2. Didn't give Bode Miller a pre-Olympics private lesson.

1. Didn't come up with a good enough excuse to dodge out of the OIWC drag show.

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  1. Anonymous6:22 PM

    go to www.stubhub.com if you are desperate