Unofficial ORWM Calendar Highlights

9 am … Always Drinking, Never Hydrating?
Get a free Kelty water bottle because Saturday is actually “Be Nice to Your Liver Day.” Location: the wonderful world of Kelty, booth 20017.

3 pm … Because Frank always sounds better after a few beers, It's the annual OIA “Policy and a Pint.,” a time to ask OIA staffers all those questions that have been burning a hole in your synapses since last August. And, if for some reason you can’t remember that question, you can just drink their beer. Location: OIA booth 5600.

5 pm ... Pale Morning Media announces new green initiatitves. To support the increasingly important role of green business practices in the outdoor industry, Pale Morning Media will unveil several public relations initiatives designed to awe and impress all those around us: Group Showering, Freegan "dumpster diving" media dinners, and recycled pitches. Location, TBD.

7:30 am … Gentlemen, start your checkbooks.
The Conservation Alliance breakfast remains one of my favorite events of every show (honestly), as it reminds me that we’re actually doing good work in the outdoor industry. Location: The Marriott.

4 pm … Win a pair of G3 Skis. Drink beer. Use your marginal math skills. It’s the official El Hombre “Weigh-In Party.” Swing by their booth and ask Chris Strome for details. Trust me. Location: G3 Genuine Guide Gear, Booth 28001.

8 pm … Ever had a Horny Mojito? What about a Horny Martini? Now's your chance. Horny Toad, Crumpler and Icebreaker are hosting a big-time throw down at the Hotel Bar, just down the road from the Salt Palace. Serious fun, taken seriously. Location: 155 W 200 S.

8 pm Bloggers Ball …
The rumor is that Kenji’s Night Three Party has been taken over by a bunch of bloggers who know the difference between MMPORPG, RSS, and WYSIWYG. Free Cheryl Tiegs posters to the first 100 visitors. No word yet on whether Devo will be playing. Location: Ask the Piton.

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