The Piton gets snubbed ... again

Al Gore is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, via Treehugger.

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  1. Julia Schopick4:12 PM

    I see that you, too, are a fan of Treehugger.com, so I hope you will want to listen to (and also possibly link to) The Keeper, Inc.’s exciting online audio interview with Treehugger’s wonderful Simran Sethi, at http://www.keeper.com/sethi.html

    (The Keeper, Inc., by the way, is the manufacturer of the environment-friendly reusable menstrual cups, The Keeper and Moon Cup -- which, by the way, are often used by sports-minded women who enjoy the outdoors.)

    Simran, who is fast becoming a shining “eco-star” (she has recently appeared on the Martha Stewart Show and the Oprah Show!) gave keeper.com a really informative and lively interview. Do check it out! I think you’ll enjoy listening to it.

    AND, to learn about Simran’s (and Treehugger’s) upcoming television series, to be aired on the Sundance (TV) channel, take a look at this press release at http://sev.prnewswire.com/entertainment/20070112/CLF03712012007-1.html

    All very exciting stuff -- as is Al Gore's nomination for the NOBEL peace prize!

    Julia Schopick
    The Keeper, Inc.