Ethanol kills

On the same day that President Bush makes a major Ethanol announcement in Brazil (NYT), Ted Williams is going deep on topic in the current issue of Fly Rod & Reel.

"... Needed for the production of one gallon of ethanol are 1,700 gallons of water, mostly in the form of irrigation taken from streams either directly or by snatching the water table out from underneath them. And each gallon of ethanol produces 12 gallons of sewage-like effluent...."

Clearly, today's must read.

LINK: Fly Rod & Reel.

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  1. Anonymous10:20 AM

    This is bullsh*t, no one I know irrigates their corn or beans. In the midwest, like here in Iowa, Farmers are going to continue to grow corn. They don't care what it is being used for, most is used for corn syrup. Most times it just piles up at the co-ops and some just rots. This is why the Gov't pays us not to grow. Plus the largest polluters are average home owners with all the unregulated insecticides, herbicides, and fertilizers they use on their lawns. There are millions that do it every summer to have a green lawn. I admit the Agribusiness is trying hard to get rid of any regulation and they have good friends with Senators like Grassley. Alcohol production is seen a savior for the small farmer, they are finally be payed for all their hard work. It is driving up the price of corn and this is cutting into profits for companies like Coca-cola and Pepsi, who use most of the corn syrup produced. I wonder who is perpetuating these urban myths.