And then there were two

Wicked Outdoorsy is proud to announce the arrival of Ben Hewitt to our authors roster. As the official senior off-the-grid editor-at-large, Ben brings an unparalled perspective on bikes, biofuels, Buicks and the best ways to barbecue home farmed pork product.

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  1. Fanboy7:11 PM

    Fantastic news!

    Ben is one of the absolute best people working in the industry. He taught me how to make gear writing informative yet voicy. His Simple Life column set the entire tone for Hooked on the Outdoors, and we decided to feature it the back-page read because we thought it was the one thing that people would wait for and most want to read in the mag. He's got "green" cred because, hey, he does live the off-the-grid life (and slaughters pigs)–and was doing it long before it was trendy. He's a guy who should blog, because there's always something going on in Hewitt Acres and he has the wit, insight, and sensitivity to bring it to life. He's also a good dude. I'll always remember how he sent us what became some of our favorite kids books (Sheep in a Jeep, Jamberry) when my daughter was born.

    Could I kiss his ass any more?

    Let's just say I'm looking forward to reading what you write, Ben.'

    (and I'll be looking for the check for this testimonial... or at least a block of Cabot cheese)