In my town

In his town, they have net-zero electricity consumption through the use of solar panels mounted along the property lines of individual homes.
In my town, I reduce water use by washing my golf shirts only once a week.

In his town, they use flow-through "tankless" water heaters that provide on-demand, hyper-efficient hot water.
In my town, I group shower, whenever possible.

In his town, they ride to the office, regardless of the weather.
In my town, I always wave to bicycle commuters.

In his town, they derive a majority of community power through windmills.
In my town, I only watch television for two hours a day, unless there's a Bronco game on.

In his town, they milk their own cows, grow their own food and cut their own wood.
In my town, I only purchase small triple-mocha-decaf-no-foam-soy lattes ... less paper!

In his town, they drive diesel cars with a second tank that runs off of grease harvested from local restaraunts.
In my town, I help save the environment by eating more very tasty, very little donuts.

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