Mitt gets Mo Money

Perhaps the most fun since Tetris, the NY Times launched their interactive show-me-the-money map for 2008 presidential candidates. For any gift to date over $200, you can check by donor last name, by zip code, or by employer.

While the story for some is all about Barack going head to head with Hilary, the tale for me is all about the former governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney. Unsurprisingly, his largest base isn't coming from Beantown (255 donors, $2.5 million statewide contributions) ... but rather, from the beehive state ($2.7 million, 512 donors from Salt Lake City), where the Wasatch faithful are undeniably giddy about the prospect of the first Mormon frontrunner.

Somewhere, Jon Krakauer is smiling.

1 comment:

  1. The implication being, I should start hoarding liquor now?

    Imagine a whole country under the influence (so to speak) of 3.2 beer. The mind reels.