Only a flesh wound II

These are the finest axes in the world. Yes, they are very sharp. No, that’s not paint on my kindling.


  1. Ben,
    You sound like a man after my own heart, guns saws and axes. Any Norwegian in your blood? Huh let me look........Might need to get you some contact lenses though.

  2. I used to work at a store that sold Gransfors like bubble gum. One day while closing up the shop, I noticed a trail of fairly large blood drops that lead from the axe display to the back door. Yikes. Imagine my delight when I sub-repped from them for a short time!

  3. You should have seen the looks we got walking with a guy who was carrying one of these through downtown Denver after last years FFR Show. Everyone gave us a wide berth. These axes are works of art.