Still Single

Went skiing today. It was a big day: 18-inches up top and not a bit the usual April mank. At Mad River, they were running only the single… giving it a little workout before it goes into retirement, I suppose.

Scoot and I skied Fall Line and Fall Dise and Octopus’s, where I always end up cliffed-out and confused, unless I’m following the optimist and his countess, in which case I end up a quivery puddle, thankful for every interminable second it takes the single to gain the summit.

I ain’t no meteorologist, but mark my words: This is the last powder weekend of the season. Hit it.

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  1. Eric Friedman3:46 PM

    Drew & Ben

    Wow, my name in print (well sort of my name). I want to show it off to my Mom, but I know she will ask the significance and I can't for the life of me "get it". Just the association of my name (sort of)and MRG?

    I was just turned on to your blog, very entertaining!!! I LOVE IT!!!!