Carbon Cup: East leads West, 1-0

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative went live this month, giving the Northeast an opening game triumph to lead the Carbon Cup series, 1-0.

A pre-season favorite, California, will have to wait a little longer for their first win of the series.

This bold program not only caps carbon emissions for each of 10 states in the deal (yeah, Vermont), but it also sets up a verrry interesting system for carbon offsets. States can't just buy a sticker pack from Native Energy or Carbon Fund, they've got to do their own dirty work to get credit ... either through the capture of landfill gas, plugging sulfur hexafluoride leaks, planting mo' trees, reducing methane from manure, or buffing out their buildings' energy efficiency. And if they come out ahead in their number of offsets ... they can $ell them.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the country, the big story remains that global warming is bad for puppies.

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