May 18 is Bike to Work Day

May 2 is Write Bike-To-Work Day On Your Calendar Day

May 3 is Give Another Motorist The Finger Day

May 4 is Wonder Why Kids These Days Are So Fat Day

May 7 is Drive To Work So You Can Go To the Gym After Work Day

May 8 is Put a "Bike To Work Day" Bumper Sticker On Your Subaru Day

May 9 is Make Fun Of the Guy On the Yellow Bike Day

May 10 is Feel Lonely In Your 9-seat Chevy Tahoe Day

May 11 is Think About How Good It Will Feel To Bike To Work While You're Driving To The Office Day

May 14 is Worry About Your Car Payment Day

May 15 is Play Air Guitar To The "Classic Rock Bus" Day

May 16 is Would've Driven To Work But Had to Leave My Mom A Voice Mail Day

May 17 is Listen To "Democracy Now" In Your Car And Get Angry About US Dependence on Foreign Oil Day

May 18 is Blow Off Bike-To-Work Day Because You're Planning to Bike To Work Next Week Day


  1. And of course May 19th is put a wickedoutdoorsy.com bumper sticker on your bike day.

  2. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Hilarious and sad.

    "Drive To Work So You Can Go To the Gym After Work Day" really stings.

    How about "Drive to work so you can go to the co-op after work day"

    --Jim Reilly