How are Americans reacting to higher gas prices?

1% ... Getting mad at people from Texas.

5% ... Buying Diesel jeans.

8% ... Supporting a mission to Mars.

10% ... Renting old Angelina Jolie movies.

18% ... Donating their bike to a poor person.

26% ... Blaming China.

32% ... Thinking really, really, really hard about solutions during commercials.

LINK: The Economist

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  1. Skimohr7:42 PM

    You guys are cracking me up big time, while stirring up all sorts of good ideas. This is great stuff. I like the gas tax combined with a income tax rebate idea, so long as it is a true rebate, and not a credit to be applied to your income tax liability. But a rebate would ultimately be putting money earned by the wealthier tax payers into the pockets of lower income tax payers, so it might be a tough sell...but I say bring it on as we all stand to benefit from such a plan.