How green is YOUR backpack?

More and more, I'm beginning to realize that Treehugger is the green-zine equivalent of a politician on the stump. Regardless of the good intent, regardless of the question, the answer is about an hour too long and meanders down a winding yellow road through fields of poppies. Oh Toto. My eyes ... sleepy .... so sleepy.

Today, TH takes a crack at how to green up the world of outdoor recreation. There's some decent stuff in there, but consider the audience. You've got your garden variety non-outdoor people (who likely don't care enough to click on the MORE link), and then you've got your basic outdoor junkes who already know most of the deal, inside and out, already. Go one way or the other, and you get traction. Straddle the middle ground, and be carried away by the current.

My personal hope is that the bar will soon be raised for the outdoors-in-the-know crowd. According to the big man down at Backpacker, their fall issue will take on the greening of the outdoor world in the most detailed, progressive, and eyebrow-raising angles seen to date. We'll see things like carbon ratings for outdoor products, carbon comparisons between natural and synthetic materials, and a sort of "state of the outdoor world" in the grip of climate change.

There isn't a title for the cover story yet, but in my mind there's one word that seems appropriate.


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  1. Tridentata2:52 PM

    All Treehugger does is crap out off-the-cuff blog posts. There is really no journalistic vetting or authority to the site. Here's an idea... edit. Here's another... research. I think Treehugger is starting to dilute the issues since those two basic aspects of journalism seem to be absent from what they post. The really scary thing is that Treehugger is being taken as gospel truth. If you want real journalism, I still say got to The Economist or Mother Jones.