Reading between the lines

VPR reported this morning that JD is allowing 5 bills to become law without his signature.

The discerning eye reads between the lines. As such, WO offers unique insight into JD's backhanded approval of two of these bills:

One bill expands the state's medical marijuana law

(Last winter, at New Year's party, JD had to take a piss something wicked. Too many Coors Lights and all. Pushing his way into the Leahy's bathroom, he was momentarily - but only momentarily - stunned to find Bernie perched on the toilet seat with a face full of bong. In the spirit of reconciliation and starting anew, JD proceeded to sample of Senator Sanders's private stash and is now a fervent believer in the restorative powers of THC)

Another requires that naturopathic physician services be available in all health insurance policies sold in the state

(This spring, JD was have some minor issues with ED. Fearing the possibility of the uncontrollable erections that are a side effect of Viagra, he turned to an "energy healer" recommended by his predecessor, Howard Dean. Did it work? Have you seen the smile Dot's been sporting of late?)

Now you know.

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