A sea of green

"I'd like to see a rain jacket with umbrellas that pop out of the shoulders; a tent with hard wood floors, a kitchen, and a bathrroom so you dont have to go outside; sunglasses with pictures all over the lenses but you can see through; and a sleeping bag that feeds you food when you're sick."

So says my seven-year-old daughter. Even she wants to see more innovation at this week's Outdoor Retailer show.

My own daydreams are less creative, unfortunately. A recurring image is a long Kubrickian hallway that leads up to an elevator, fronted by a pair of twins holding hands and giving me that day-three stare. The doors open slowly, ominously, and a hundred thousand gallons of green paint washes past the dual creepsters to bathe the aisles of the Salt Palace convention center in a new hue.

Certainly, the prevalance of green marketing won't be that over-the-top at ORSM.

But it's going to be close.

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